Sustainability Statement

Rafati’s Catering is actively committed to sustainability. Our business depends on available, affordable, high-quality natural resources. This is why we have chosen to focus our sustainability efforts on preserving, conserving and enhancing our ecosystems. We will strive to be more sustainable by creating value while balancing the well-being of our society, our environment, and our business, now and for generations.

Over the past several years, Rafati’s has invested in sustainability-related activities. We developed a sustainability strategy and established an internal Sustainability Leadership Council comprised of administrative, production and operations team members.  We are now working to identify and spread sustainable best practices throughout the company. We’re also partnering with our suppliers and key stakeholders to protect resource availability and create long-term value through innovative approaches to ecosystem conservation and enhancement.

Green Action:

Recycling and Composting

The front line of an environmental initiative is to recycle the majority of waste. From our production facility to your event, we recycle all acceptable plastics, tin, glass, paper and cardboard. Most of our organic waste from food preparation is composted locally and turned into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Cooking Oil Recycling

Our used cooking oil is sent to a refining facility in Salem and turned into quality BQ9000 biodiesel by SeQuential Pacific Biodiesel.  This truly sustainable approach benefits local farming activities and supports the greening of communities, both environmentally and economically. The biodiesel refined from these local sources is a cleaner burning, renewable fuel that meets or exceeds rigorous U.S. ASTM specifications.

Biodegradable Serviceware

We offer the option of replacing traditional plastic and paper food containers and utensils with all-natural fiber packaging. Made from renewable resources such as sugar cane pulp, fallen leaves and bamboo, they are compostable. Because they are unbleached, they are free from chlorine and dioxin.

Re-usable equipment

From linens to glassware we are committed to providing re-usable equipment as much as possible.  We have a long-standing relationship with New System Laundry, which shares our values and approach to business.

Keg wine

Beginning Summer 2012 we will begin serving some house wines from a keg or “bio-cask”. Packaging wine in kegs creates significant environmental benefits; keg wine has a significantly lower carbon footprint than that of wine in bottles.

  • Keg containers are 100% reusable, eliminating package waste.
  • Keg containers preserve every drop. No product waste.
  • Keg packaging weighs less than glass bottles. Less energy used.

Cork Recycling

We recycle our wine corks!  When you recycle cork, you extend its useful life. The material is diverted from a landfill and is (re)used in products including floor tiles, placemats, dart and memo boards, and coasters. Reusing cork means not having to harvest and import new material from overseas, which saves energy and reduces carbon emissions.  For more information go to

Rafati’s is Wind Powered!

Several years ago we made this important decision and have never looked back.  Our kitchen, office, warehouse and operations facilities are all powered by wind energy.

Green Cleaning and Sanitation

We are committed to a “green” operation…even in the dish room!  Our cleaning products contain no dye or phosphates, but more importantly they do not release Volatile Organic Compounds into the air you breathe—pollutants that have been linked in numerous studies to increased asthma and allergy rates.  All cleaners are free of perfumes and are 100% plant based.  We proudly use Auto-Chlor’s Green Clean product line.

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